y2038: Migrate from syscall() to XENOMAI_SYSCALLx()

Song Chen chensong_2000 at 189.cn
Sat May 8 03:40:46 CEST 2021

noticed, i will submit a patch to address it specifically.


On 2021年05月07日 22:05, Florian Bezdeka wrote:
> Hi Song,
> you may have already noticed that we had a problem running the y2038 on
> some ARM boards. The problem was detected once Jan picked the series of
> the sem_timedwait64 implementation into next and triggered a test run on
> real hardware.
> As a result I had to migrate from syscall() to XENOMAI_SYSCALLx().
> As the acutal change is hard to find in v4 that I recently pushed to the
> list: Here is "patch" that shows the pattern I used.
> Sadly replacing the function call is not enough because glibc
> "communicates" using "errno", while the Xenomai interface does not.
> How to deal with your patches? Any chance that you could "migrate"
> as well? Or should I try to find some time to do that?
> Best regards,
> Florian

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