xeno-test failed due to cond_destroy error

Fangsuo Wu tiger20081015 at gmail.com
Mon May 10 03:56:52 CEST 2021

Hi, I met below errors when running xeno-test in my board:

*sh-4.4# ./xeno-testStarted child 209: /bin/sh
/usr/xenomai/bin/xeno-test-run-wrapper ./xeno-test++ echo 0++
testdir=/usr/xenomai/bin++ /usr/xenomai/bin/smokey --run
random_alloc_rounds=64 pattern_check_rounds=64arith OKbufp skipped (no
kernel support)cpu_affinity skipped (no kernel support)fpu_stress OKiddp
skipped (no kernel support)leaks OKmemory_coreheap OKmemory_heapmem
OKmemory_tlsf OKnet_packet_dgram skipped (no kernel support)net_packet_raw
skipped (no kernel support)net_udp skipped (no kernel support)posix_clock
OKFAILED autoinit_simple_conddestroy cond_destroy: returned -22 instead of
0 - Invalid argumentchild 209 returned: exited with status 1*

How can I solve the cond_destroy error and what kernel configurations do I
need for "no kernel support" items? Can someone give some hints? Thanks!

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