Philippe Gerum rpm at
Sat May 22 12:02:03 CEST 2021

Hi Jan,

Jan Kiszka <jan.kiszka at> writes:

> Hi Philippe,
> first, is already
> replacing At least CI is currently
> stuck over the latter [update: was stuck, it's moving again].

Not yet, I'll announce when the switch to is complete, with a grace period of one
week from that point to update the automated procedures there may be,
before the trees at are decommissioned eventually. In
the meantime, I'll make sure both sides remain on sync.

> Regarding 5.10, I think we are getting closer to the point where our
> users also need a merging stable branch to track what happens
> dovetail-wise (at least I have such folks). Would you move
> linux-v5.10.y-dovetail in that way forward from now on? Or is there a
> need for one more hard rebase first?
> Some linux-v5.10.y-dovetail-rebase for the latest version could still be
> provided in order to ease export to downstream kernels. That would bring
> us in line with how -rt is maintained e.g.
> If you need help on the stable side, let me know.

I don't plan to maintain merging branches myself, only rebase ones. I'll
rename the stable branches to *-rebase shortly, in order to follow the
same convention as -rt, clearing the namespace for pulling the work of
whoever wants to maintain merging branches.


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