Can we port latmon from zephyr to xenomai 3.2 for measuring gpio latency.

Chen, Hongzhan hongzhan.chen at
Wed May 26 05:59:21 CEST 2021

Hi Philippe

I have tried different ways and different X86 boards to co-work with FRDM K64F to get correct GPIO latency
for latmus test but failed because of voltage mismatch( 1.8V <-> 3.3V) or bad signal  of gpio connection between X86 boards 
and FRDM K64F triggering lots of invalid gpio interrupts after run.

Can we port latmon from zephyr to xenomai so that we can set up latmus and latmon on same type of board
which both run xenomai to measure gpio latency to avoid voltage mismatch or bad signal caused by platform 
difference?  It would also provide more options for user to setup latmon to measure gpio latency.  How do you think?


Hongzhan Chen

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