Xenomai is about flexibility

Dual kernel or native Linux configurations, same APIs.

Xenomai is a bridge to Linux

Migrate your applications over RTOS emulators.

Xenomai is Free Software for industry

Stable, documented, maintained, no strings attached.

We are engineers from a wide background collaborating in the open to offer the most adequate options for running real-time applications on embedded Linux© platforms.

We develop Xenomai, a versatile Free Software framework for implementing and migrating real-time applications, based on standard APIs or accurate emulation of proprietary RTOS interfaces, such as VxWorks® and pSOS®.

Xenomai 3.0

Download the new generation Xenomai.

Xenomai Knowledge Base

A collection of technical articles.

Introducing Xenomai 3

Learn about the Xenomai 3 architecture.