Xenomai brings POSIX and traditional RTOS APIs for porting time-critical applications to Linux-based platforms. When the native Linux kernel cannot meet the response time requirements of the application, Xenomai supplements it with Cobalt, a small real-time infrastructure which schedules time-critical activities independently from the main kernel logic.

Real-time system

Interrupt pipeline (I-pipe)

The Cobalt real-time core depends on a patch to the mainline Linux kernel, which introduces a separate, high-priority execution stage for running out-of-band interrupt handlers immediately upon IRQ receipt, which cannot be delayed by the regular kernel work.

Released patches can be downloaded from: https://xenomai.org/downloads/ipipe.

The current development trees (starting from kernel 4.14) for the I-pipe are available from:

The legacy development tree (up to kernel 4.9) can be reached at this URL.